6 months goa the best

There is water skiing, wakeboarding, and even snorkeling and scuba diving too at Grande Island. The Future Before arriving, my plan was to stay for a year and a half, maybe two.

Perfect for a day on the beach or visiting some of the sightseeing spots of Goa! But in October, they too start to open.

Connectivity - Depending upon where you live in Goa, Internet and Mobile Network connectivity can be a bit of an issue. Goa has all the necessary ingredients for a wholesome life, what you make out of it is part luck and part individual.

best place to live in goa with family

Many budget stays and guest houses will also be closed. During this time, I learnt some basic life skills like cooking, and developed a habit of doing my chores on my own, becoming more self-reliant in the process.

Villas are the best option for families and large groups, or simply for gatherings and small pool parties. Fewer tourists, so the beaches will be more serene and the roads will be cleaner. Few people as it is still not the peak season. All this is possible on the budget mentioned.

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Greenery everywhere! Many of our villas are right on the beach, on the waterfront, or are located in a nice lane, away from the crowds. Peak season. You will find seafood at the many restaurants and beach shacks cooked in Goan, continental, Konkani, and other Indian styles. They pushed boundaries of human productivity and the breadth of their achievements enamored me. From delicious curries, to Chinese, Italian, Isreali, Japanese and Western favourites and fresh seafood the hardest part is choosing what to have. You may also try deep sea fishing in Goa if you want. My local supermarket and Italian gelato place in Anjuna If you are missing comfort food from home there are expat supermarkets with imported food galore for a taste of home, albeit at a price.

See why I love Goa so much and think its the best place on the planet here. And it has rubbed off on me.

6 months goa the best

Trek through the forests, hills and valleys of the Western Ghats. Temperature — The average high and low in October is higher than September. And Goa has the best of them. Not a lot of Auto-Rickshaws either. South Goa India suits out plans. Long breakfasts sitting in my porch, dipping in the sea, and a chilled beer in the evening have become a regular part of my life; Susegad is awesome. Please consider sharing. Public Transport - No Uber. But I have to address them nevertheless because they have affected me. Last year, in the second week of October, I moved to Goa. Would I recommend this place to people looking for a longer term move, say years? As luck would have it, the guys camping next to us were from Goa. The shacks are opening once again in October, expecting the tourist numbers to pick up. Baga beach This one might come as a surprise as many travelers like to stay away from Baga due to the heavy commercialization here. Reliance Jio, which I bought as a backup, works well only on my roof.

You can stay at a shack right on the beach, go for early morning jogs and just relax in your front yard with a book during the day.

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Goa in October