A review of the employees in crazy eddies

He was a very cool guy. InEddie started one of the largest advertising blitzes ever seen in the tri-state area and studies showed that Crazy Eddie had better name recognition than Coca Cola among New York area consumers.

Cash sales were routinely skimmed to steal sales taxes and avoid paying income taxes.

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And both large and small businesses run the risk of corruption in which an employee conspires with an outsider to defraud the company. Only after three attempts to get the customer to purchase higher margin products did our sales people finally allow the customer to purchase the product that they originally intended to buy when they walked into the store.

Space Patrol Luluco has a rather spoilerish mind.

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Eddie Antar and other family members believed that my formal college education in public accounting would help them execute more sophisticated financial crimes in the future.

Antar telephoned and told Carroll to say the line the same way every time, and thus a working relationship had begun.

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In Aprilit was announced that Eddie had in fact retained his role as president but had dismissed, among others, his father Sam M. Comparable store sales is a key indicator of the underlying profitability of retailers.

I was ousted from the company in a hostile takeover in Stock prices usually drop as companies raise new capital because it dilutes existing shareholder interests. Perhaps if the auditors had known the extent to which the suppliers were dependent on Eddie, they would have subjected those relationships to closer audit scrutiny.

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Working at Eddies Restaurant: Employee Reviews