An analysis of the life and rule of gaius julius caesar

The Egyptians, however, knew of Pompey's defeats and believed the gods favored Caesar: Pompey was assassinated as soon as he stepped ashore in Egypt.

In 69 B.

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In 84 B. Caesar hired some of Pompey's soldiers to stage a riot. Returning to Italy, Caesar consolidated his power and made himself dictator.

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Caesar defeated Pompey's forces and entered Rome in 46 B. From bce onward there had been a series of alternate revolutionary and counter-revolutionary paroxysms. In addition, slavery was on the rise, and violent slave revolts were commonplace. Originally it was an office which could only be held by plebians. Rome Avoided Kings The governing style that developed as an antidote to monarchy originally included severe limitations on the power of any one individual. In 53 BC Crassus was killed leading a failed invasion of the east. He ran against two powerful senators. Over the next several years, in a series of brilliant campaigns, the Roman general conquered all of Gaul and made it a Roman province. The patricians then took over as the ruling class when the Roman people, who were fed up with kings, drove out Servius Tullius' murderer and successor. During his governorship a military expedition into the territory lying to northwest of Farther Spain resulted in so much loot that Caesar was able to pay off his debts. As a young man he rose through the administrative ranks of the Roman republic, accumulating power until he was elected consul in 59 B.

In Rome Sulla's old commanding officer, Marius, the one who had become jealous of Sulla solution to the Jugurtha problem, used his influence in the Senate to have himself named commander of the expeditionary force to punish Mithradates instead of Sulla. Others were former allies who feared the power that Caesar was amassing.

Caesar attempted to get away, but, blinded by blood, he tripped and fell; the men continued stabbing him as he lay defenceless on the lower steps of the portico. Caesar refused and came close to losing not only his property such as it was but his life as well. As he expanded his reach, Caesar was ruthless with his enemies.

The Romans attacked, despite the arrival of Celtic re-enforcements, were successful and captured Vercingetorix in Alesia.

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A Summary of Julius Caesar’s Life and Achievements