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His approaches can be applied to everything from business growth and goal setting to weight loss and habit formation. Hide your true interests and distract the competition where possible from discovering them.

the art of war chapter 7 summary

Why start new habits in an environment that makes progress difficult? Instead, to prosper you must capture your market in a manner that leaves the industry healthy.

You can read his best articles or join his free newsletter to learn how to build habits that stick. Re-define the situation. Taken from Wikipedia Sun Tzu also points out ways you can really screw things up as a leader: Having an insufficient vision and a poor overview of the situation.

japanese art of war

But as companies get bigger, they get more complex. The spies will thereupon be put to death. He began to have him whipped until the blood came, and then sent him off to Lo Shang, whom he was to delude by offering to cooperate with him from inside the city, and to give a fire signal at the right moment for making a general assault.

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Here are a few examples that take his thoughts on war and apply them to daily life.

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The Art of War