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The basic premise of the BSC is that financial results alone cannot capture value-creating activities. I would also like to mention my friend Javier Kolland who has given me feedback and suggestions when it came to the English language.

Special emphasis on assessment-oriented teaching and research will impart a new dimension to the role of the teacher. Kaplan 3. Considering the linkages in service management profit chain Heskett et al. IT operations and IT projects are very different to manage and control, because the results of operations are mostly short-term based and the results of projects are often long-term based.

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This inherently focuses on the implementation and delivery of the academic, research and other programs by the institution and the degree of excellence achieved in the same.

We propose that BSC will improve communication in institutes as well as work as feedback mechanism for all concerned. Some of the reasons for marketing of higher education gaining importance in the management of higher education programs and institutions are — the founding missions being found increasingly ill-suited for the demands of the marketplace; budgets becoming excruciatingly tight while departments and programmes clamoring for more support; the recruiting and fund-raising arenas having become extremely competitive as well as hostile; higher education being more and more dominated by many largely undifferentiated colleges and universities offering similar programmes; demographic shifts in the operating environment marked by diminishing numbers of traditional full-time students, fewer full-pay students and fewer residential students; escalating demand for adult higher-education and continuing and special-focus programmes; and last but not the least, the sharp rise in the cost of higher education Kanis, With this in mind, the following dissertation aims at a critical exploration and assessment of the framework of the Balanced Scorecard BSC and it examines if this framework merits its wide popularity experienced and still experiences.

Papenhausen, C. With growing popularity for Indian Engineers and graduates in job employment abroad, India has to build world-class quality into higher education.

The report further indicates that the enrollment in the Indian higher education system has increased from 7.

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Performance measurement controls and observes for example the implementation of strategy, process efficiency, project execution and service delivery. A properly designed scorecard may tell the story of the business unit's strategy through a series of cause-and-effect relationships. Nevertheless, Poureisa, Ahmadgourabi and Efteghar stated that performance of indicators system has dramatically changed compared to the prior indicators. McKinsey Consequently, strategy alignment of business and IT as well as strategy execution are not simple tasks. Measures for success could be sales growth, profit or return on equity. In , Lohrmann and Reichert stated to emphasise argument of Schmeisser, et al. Sutherland talks about how the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California adopted the BSC to assess it academic program and its planning process. Finally, causal paths from all the measures on a scorecard should be connected to financial objectives. This encouraged the author to approach further managerial tools which proclaim to assist managers for strategic formulations and to form an own opinion as to how to improve the BSC use. This also adds up and forces managers of educational institutions, especially in the public domain, to re-think their mission and strategies Venkatesh, Also, in the mission statement the values of the company should be included and how the customer value will be created. Thus, the cost-benefit ratio of every measure must be considered. This is because in most companies strategic planning and for example budgeting are not integrated. The performance indicators or the lead indicators are unique since they are used for a particular strategy. The regulatory mechanisms will perhaps be liberalized.
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Balanced Scorecard Dissertation