Biomedical model of health

The right way of treatment Health psychology recommends that the professionals should treat a patient as a whole. Medical professionals focus on the diagnoses, cure, and treatment of disease with the use of the biomedical method of health.

They say that a disease is a dysfunctionality in the body and its parts. On the other hand, the social model of health is in use nowadays. It further explains that diseases occur due to the various factors, not only one factor.

It makes it the only area that sticks to the biopsychological model.

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For instance, in the first world war, some soldiers complaining of stress were shot. It is a must for the patients and doctors to diagnose it.

A wide range of people can practice it. Furthermore, in vitro systems provide a wealth of material for in vivo applications, including vectors, constructs, expression libraries, monoclonal antibodies, infectious agents including genetically modified agentsand so on.

The treatment must take place in an environment that allows the use of medical technology Giddens. Biomedical model of health psychology The relation between mind and body Mind and body work independently and are separate entities as per the biomedical model of medicine.

Biomedical model has many names.

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The Biomedical Model