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Figure 2 Growth of financial services segment 4.

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The current asset ratio and liquid asset ratios suggest that the company can use the cash more efficiently than what it is doing at present. Graham, H. Quality Control: BMW has a lower budget for its quality control department than competitors. European Business Review, 99 1 , This denied BMW venture opportunities in such areas. This reduces efficiency in operations by making them more time consuming. As the market for luxury cars grows saturated in the Western markets, the competition grows more intense. When this strategy is used in a business context it could have a big impact, it helps them carve a sustainable niche in the market that they operate. This began as a family business in the heart of a Germany city called Munich.

The expansion has helped the organization to build new revenue stream and diversify the economic cycle risk in the markets it operates in. BMW will also look at maintaining close proximity to prospective buyers in order to promote market segmentation.

Successful strategies address [pic]four elements of the setting within which [pic]the company operates: 1 the company 's strengths, 2 its weaknesses, 3 the opportunities in its competitive [pic]environment, and 4 the threats in its competitive [pic]environment.

Lower euro exchange rate against the U. The growth in consumer spending in the economy is likely to increase consumption for BMW's products.

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Similarly a number of threats are clearly evident from this case study some of which include: Quality level attained by automobile manufacturers among them BMW meant that product differentiation opportunities became fewer while the cost structure and the degree of rivalry made price competition a strategic factor. Use its strong financial position to invest in intellectual property rights. The fluctuating interest rates in the country do not provide a stable financial and economic environment. The Quandt family who were the owners of BMW began trading in aero-engines before diversifying into automobiles and motorcycles. BMW is in a very good position based on its brand image and technological innovation. Constant technological developments require the workforce to be trained accordingly as the inability to keep up with these changes can lead to loss of business for BMW. This makes its brand awareness high. High brand value is a considerable strength for any business as it is a convincing indicator of a high level of consumer loyalty. The internal factors to the company can be categorised as the strengths and the weaknesses of the company while the external factors to the company can be categorised as the opportunity and threats. Macmillan International Higher Education. It aims at producing ecological cars and also developed hydrogen cars with no CO2 emission. Low strategic alliances and partnerships Most of the growth of the company is purely its own and a very few is from the strategic partnerships and alliances. The history of BMW a brand of automobile dates back to the time of the 1st world war.

Graham, H. It provided an evaluation window but not an implementation plan based on strategic competitiveness of BMW SWOT is a static assessment - analysis of status quo with few prospective changes.

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Uniform and appropriate presentation 5. This report provides an analysis and evaluation of BMW Group 's stakeholders, social responsibility activities and programs, ethics as well as their approach to globalization and sustainability.

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BMW SWOT Analysis