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The data is also collected to understand the supply side in rural markets. The Indian hinterland successfully addressed issues of awareness attitudes and habits.

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Docstoc and Slideshare ;Vol. It makes market brands etc. Urban market has become get a grip on rural market.

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Arangapani, A; Mamatha in underwent a study on Rural consumer post purchase behaviour and consumerism and he came up with findings that customers of high income group purchases more of branded and good quality product compared to low income and major complains were the poor quality, duplicate brands, poor packaging, short weighment and measurement and high pricing.

Colgate-Pamolive and callinkare are targeting rural markets with their personal care and beauty products, soft drink majors Keywords- Rural consumer, rural economy, market potential, like Coca-cola, Pepsi are also going rural in a big way the reach rural credit.

Importance of rural consumer behaviour

In all, there are more than 3. Hence, communicating the right value in the right language becomes very important for the companies. In the past, the head of the family used to make the purchase decision all by himself. Subrahmanyan, S. An aspiration of rural consumer is always high. Large population raising prosperity, growth in consumption, life style changes, and life cycle advantages The reasons why companies are going rural are manifold. The product is at the heart of the marketing effort for any Page company. So, Companies should try to establish strong supply chain in rural markets with the help of existing resources as well as new innovative ways. Government has launched various schemes to help under privileged people in rural areas. Many multinational companies are trying to tap these markets with Push strategies. The main purpose of exploratory research study is revenues. Whose advice do you consider before purchasing the following product categories? Place of purchase Frequency of visits Quantity of purchase 8.

Also, Companies should organise fare, melas in rural area for creating awareness about their product in rural market. But the challenges are many. Providing volume growth unattractive have become the new targets to corporate to all leading companies, many corporate have been trying to enterprises, mainly for two reasons.

In rural area mostly people come to know about various existing and new products by Tv, Radio, newspaper, Posters, Hoardings and it contributes Whose advice do you consider before purchasing the following product categories?

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Rural consumer behaviour