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Do you focus well in a stadium-seating lecture hall? This prompt is a kind of free for all opportunity. There are essentially two methods for completing this prompt. Do you value a professor who is accessible via office hours?

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Show how it drives you to pursue your interests in a specific intellectual area or subject to submit the best essay. Want us to quickly edit your college essay? If you start writing your personal statement, read this guide to get useful information and save time when addressing prompts in a limited number of words. Watch the webinar. A successful execution of this prompt will: 1 elaborate on the path that led you to choose your major and 2 show the adcom why you deserve to pursue this major at their school. Bonus: try to show leadership qualities! Note: this has to be entirely different than your answer for the previous prompt. Interests; Your involvement with organizations; Academic pursuits. I call it the brag sheet method. The goal here is to go for self-awareness. Every sentence should serve its purpose. Second, it shows innovation. An alternative is to briefly list key moments, progressions, or accomplishments leading up to your decision.

So, think of a time when you collaborated with people who are different from yourself and tell a single story, with a beginning middle, and end. I call it the brag sheet method. Or, what lessons have you learned from working with others in the past, that might shape your experiences in the future?

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October 18, Carnegie Mellon is private university based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known for its science and technology programs. There are different ways to stay creative. It is my goal to receive an… My interest in studying engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. At only 15, I was somewhat culturally aware, but I felt culturally confused. Focus on how they inspired you to pursue different passions and try to explain to admission officers how important the community is to you. Given the students, faculty, staff and resources that have been available to you as a student, how have you collaborated with others, in or out of the classroom? The story does not have to highlight a big, earth-shattering revelation. Think of your essays as a portfolio; they should be complimentary without being redundant. My life in futurism-crazed Dubai is punctuated by my summers, which are spent amid the feeble cleanliness systems and lack of robust infrastructure endemic to places like Kolkata. Bottom Line Your basic goal is to submit a genuine and thoughtful application to the Carnegie Mellon to impress the committee. Your story should showcase your unique connection to your chosen course of study. Applicants should submit official transcripts from all secondary schools attended and enrolling students are required to submit an official final transcript as well. The lessons should be interwoven throughout the story.

Learn more about how our Applications Program can help your chances of admission. Loved the article? Learn about our College Apps Program. And third, CMU just happens to be known for offering a robotics major, so even without being explicit, you just told the adcom exactly why you belong at CMU!

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You may not be able to fully answer the prompt with just one moment or story. Do everything possible to get an interview. Submit a recommendation from a counselor, representative of the State Board of Education, your home school association or other person of authority. Alternative Prompts Consider alternative prompts when writing your Carnegie Mellon application, such as: A list of your favorite books; Interruption paper; Interview paper. Just be cautious not to flag your privilege. Reflect this information on one page. But you do.

Feel free to use the most effective ones to design an informative and unique response and leave a positive impression on people who will read it.

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