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It is also in part, a follow-up of a previous research carried out in the year by Dr. Click on the Smiley Face on the far right side of the ribbon.

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Furthermore, it is recommended that a better interactive relationship be established between future project authorities and the local communities. To investigate policy and practice in this way, the thesis adopts a multi-scale research design, encompassing a policy level study and a case study of a PES project.

Furthermore, there are indications that the use of individual contracts does not foster cooperative action.

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Although literally much is known about the stakeholders and the defined roles that they are supposed to play in conservation projects or programmes, the practicality on the field comes out with conflicting results. Traditional conservation methods through the indigenous ways of living, working and sacred protected grounds in Africa, and especially in Cameroon has made it possible that today, centuries after slavery and colonisation, there are still biodiversity conservation hotspots to be found here. The Reserve accommodates a large proportion of the equatorial flora and wildlife species including such endangered species as the forest elephants, the chimpanzees, and the gorillas Jean Lagarde BETTI. Now you can edit the data in the boxes. This however, has not really led to outstanding results to set an example to other park managements. In doing this, the research will come up with recommendations for the policy makers and also proposals to the local communities on how to better plan, coordinate and implement CBC policies. Using the theory on CBC, the successes and failures in the approaches in management, the social effects and how they impact the local community will be analysed in the thesis. This is based on the theory that Conservation involving the local community enhances biodiversity conservation and rural development. Due to the benchmarks of this thesis, it did not focus on establishing the quantitative significance on the relationships between variables but rather descriptive statistics in the analysis of data like frequencies and percentages. More recent holdings added since can be searched on line; older material must be searched within the library. However, institutional economics generally depicts humans as a product of their surroundings, institutions influence choices and actions. NIE is built on neo- classical foundations with somewhat similar approaches to the environmental management, based on markets such as property rights. In the far north the savanna gradually slopes into the marshland surrounding Lake Chad and in the west is an area of high, forested mountains of volcanic origin.

This does not mean it is not possible to establish this relationship from data collected. Table 26 Do they still come today? Refer to the example abstract for more information on key words.

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