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It can be damaging if team members do not manage their time well or do not have the knowledge, skills, or motivation to do their work effectively. The authors wish to propose that outstanding educational leadership principles and styles be adopted as a means of enhancing school management in Nigeria, given that at present things are not progressing after decades of schooling in Nigerian public school management.

The Situational Approach Under this theory, individuals in leadership positions are capable of reading into situations to decide if they need to use supportive or directive behaviors Rubenstein, Laissez-Faire Leadership Style Laissez-faire leadership may be the best or the worst of leadership styles Goodnight, The verb, slapped, assigns the role of agent to Sade and that of patient to the boy.

New directions in leadership theory

The only malevolence shown is directed towards the terror peddlers as seen throughout his speeches and posts. Annual Review of Psychology 60 , pp. Part of responsible leadership is thus the linguistic choices that people make as leaders. Charismatic leadership is a leadership style that is identifiable but may be perceived with less tangibility than other leadership styles Bell, Interestingly, Bass also contributes to the conversation, regarding decision-making styles in leadership. Finally, to generate trust and be an effective leader a leader must achieve congruency between what he or she does and says and what his or her vision is. Transformational Leadership Burns, the father of contemporary leadership thinking, as part his seminal work on leadership, also propagated the now popular transformation and transaction leadership theories. It has to be rooted in a passion that is motivated by a vision. Laissez-Faire Leadership. This is the pique that motivated this study. However, it is important to recognise that people have different abilities and hence their contributions to the success of an organisation vary. It is expected that the posture he manifests should show whether his psychological location is of the unconcerned or that of a responsible leader who sees implications to the linguistic choices he makes. Naylor notes that interest in the behaviour of leaders has been stimulated by a systematic comparison of autocratic and democratic leadership styles.

A theta role is consequently the set of thematic relations assigned by an element to a theta position. Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, and renowned business leader in India. These leaders are focused on the performance of group members, but also on each person to fulfilling his or her potential.

A leader must be able to communicate effectively.

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Key individuals hold important information and not consulting is seen to be irresponsible. These are described below. The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs.

In a group, the linguistic choices of its leaders could either make or break the group; it could either hold the group together or scatter it. Participative Theory Participative leadership theories suggest that the ideal leadership style is one that takes the input of others into account.

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Authentic leadership as a contemporary leadership model applied in Nigeria