Description of the 4 primary temperaments essay

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It is not unusual to feel as if you have known one who is Sanguine for years after the first meeting. More than that, innies are better in communicating and writing. Despite that, usage of its terms — sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic — persists in both scientific and everyday language.

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Because they are deeply caring people, they make great doctors, nurses, social workers, ministers, and teachers. They have an active, positive movement in a favorable environment.

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They are possessive of their friendships and material things. Cholerics like pressure and are easily bored when things are not happening fast enough.

Description of the 4 primary temperaments essay

They could be described as considerate, charitable, sympathetic, trusting, warm, calm, relaxed, consistent, rational, curious, and observant — this makes them good adminis-trators. Dreamy melancholic, she forgets about strong sides of this temperament type to use for career development and wants to become Justin, an extroverted sanguine, instead. Moreover, since this individual is goal-oriented and expects results, manipulation is also one of the skills of the Choleric personality type. Not sure which is the temperament type of yours? He is one person who does not admit he is wrong and will find it difficult to apologize. This comes from a deep sense of what others are feeling or experiencing and the inward need to reach out and do something in order to help them. They are serious, purposeful, analytical, musical, artistic, talented, creative, self-sacrificing, conscien-tious, idealistic, philosophical, and are genius prone. Sanguines also fear others viewing them as unsuccessful. Their natural abilities will also serve them well if they choose jobs related to marketing,. Sanguines are very competitive. Following is a brief description of each of the four temperaments or personalities — at the end of each description I have listed the two primary characteristics for that temperament. Top characteristics of this temperament are self-control, patience, fixity of habits, and high effectiveness. They have a cautious, tentative response designed to reduce tension in an unfavorable environment. They can be moody, which is usually related to their negative evaluation of people or events.

He or she can survive with few real friends since this individual is independent. Trump can also be tactless as evidenced by the comments he had made months ago. Should you take one of the personality tests available today, you would discover that you possess dominant characteristics in a couple of the temperaments, and each kind of personality has a general characteristic associated with it.

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Unwillingness to become involved in deep relationships, tendency to be an observer only, rarely self-sacrificing, unemotional and inexpressive. They love adventure and have high risk tolerance. They mix decisiveness and determination. All four have both good and bad qualities, and all four are needed to make this world a better place. What are your main strengths at work? Consider the strengths of your character and make them work for the benefit of your career. He is almost always a sports enthusiast and is ideal in sales.

That said, most people who have this temperament are males and if ever there will be females, occurrences are rare. Because they are fearful, indecisive and hesitant of things in life, they have a compromising nature.

Paul Hysen, Ph.

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You are persuasive and attractive. By pairing the two dimensions, Eysenck noted how the results were similar to the four ancient temperaments. These people feel bored if they are not absorbed by something intriguing and adventurous. Moreover, they are fantastic entertainers and will do well if they choose careers in the entertainment industry. They tend to not be highly ambitious and they tend to lack a sense of urgency both due to their passive nature. However, on occasion, they may keep things cluttered, but they will know what is in the piles. He wobbles between patience and criticism and may tend toward negativism. Cholerics are both direct and firm when responding to others. Self-Image of the Four Temperaments Keirsey also observed that people have different core pursuits based on their temperament. He combines verbal aggressiveness with sharp attention to detail. The Sanguine can change their focus or interest in an instant. They are determined to make the right and best decision so they will collect lots of information, and ask very specific questions, and sometimes they will ask the same question several times. Since a person with this personality type is keen to see the bigger picture, he or she often tend to overlook details and analyze them, which in turn leads to quick decision-making.

Start working on a project in advance.

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