Design a relation database for a company that is currently using a manual or a non-it system essay

Consider the followings in choose the primary key: The primary key shall be simple and familiar, e. The specification is a formal representation of what a system should do, expressed in terms that are independent of how it may be realized.

They also created easy to use forms for inputting data and a user-friendly switchboard for easy navigation.

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For an implementation with a relational DBMS, this will probably involve the use of SQL to create tables and constraints that satisfy the logical schema description and the choice of appropriate storage schema if the DBMS permits that level of control.

Each OrderDetails item specified one product.

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They included the following tables: Contact Information, Products, and Orders. The downfall is that most database programs are not as easy to learn and use as most spreadsheet applications and are not as easy to make structural changes in once queries, forms, and reports are developed. Ideal for holding software configuration, this application generally relies on certain assumptions. The conceptual data model then is a formal representation of what data a database should contain and the constraints the data must satisfy. But it could also make up of several columns. A specialized index e. If you answered yes to at least two of the questions, you should think about moving your information to a database application. The dawn of the computer age brought applications that could store information, perform complex calculations, and provide a printed output. The main reason behind the growth of the company was a high commission rates providing for the advisors.

So it is important that the designer has prioritized these properties usually using information from the requirements specification ; for example, to decide if integrity is more important than efficiency and whether usability is more important than flexibility in a given development.

This kind of relationship is known as many-to-many. It is during this design activity that choices are made as to which tables are most appropriate for representing the data in a database.

The types of relationship include: one-to-many one-to-one One-to-Many In a "class roster" database, a teacher may teach zero or more classes, while a class is taught by one and only one teacher.

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Chapter 13 Database Development Process