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Unfortunately due to trafficking being a fast growing crime it is very difficult to identify and locate these organizations and victims.

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Crime and violence spreading due to growing influence of drug industry and international drug trafficking and its impact on the economic opportunities of the citizens and geopolitical stability worldwide has been emerging as a core and prominent issue concerned with the Geopolitical Science Due to those revenues since combatting drug trafficking for the government of Mexico has become a priority.

Sadly most people who lived in Mexico tend to be victims of a crime. However, the main reason in why these two things are such an issue is all because of money.

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According to Protocol to Prevent, Subdue and Punish Trafficking in Persons, human trafficking in the modern world entails transfer of persons by use of applied force. But I want you Words: - Pages: 7 human trafficking - Words Human Trafficking Research Human trafficking has become a major problem worldwide which affects many people. As is the case with many crimes, the statistics regarding human trafficking are sensationalized, making it seem as if it is more prevalent than it actually is. Drug trafficking is a key part of this research. As drug trafficking is a transnational force, Latin American governments often find themselves not only at odds with one another, but with larger political and economic powers such as the United States U. People do not spend time thinking about how many people human trafficking affects or how to stop it. Human traffickers are those who victimize others in their desire to profit from the existing demand. In this assignment I will analyze the extent to which crime statistics collected in different nations can adequately be compared. Unfortunately due to trafficking being a fast growing crime it is very difficult to identify and locate these organizations and victims. There are the manufacturers, the cultivators, distributors, sellers, and users. Most murder rates are in the borders near the United States.

The objective of this paper is to asses the past issues, current status, and future prospects of the US war on drugs in Latin America - specifically Panama. Rights that give us the freedom, liberty, and knowledge to empower ourselves in our lives.

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The spread of ideas and innovations have reached far across borders has facilitated new avenues of trade, creating new markets and expanding others.

These drugs are produced in one country of the world and with strong network communication are traded to different destination of the world.

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