Employee engagement practices at vodafone

To understand and strengthen our female talent pipeline, we analyse the proportion of male and female promotions, new hires and leavers, through a talent management dashboard. Both Vodafone leadership and staff desired more emphasis on innovation, placed a greater value on effectiveness than efficiency, wanted to encourage more teamwork, and placed less emphasis on a market-driven culture.

For more on our approach to employee safety, see Health and safety. We offer similar workshops for human resources professionals and employees who report directly to senior leaders. Developing the skills of employees with strong leadership potential is a key focus to strengthen our succession planning. Over a period of 18 months, Inspire participants receive structured mentoring from senior Vodafone leaders, gain experience of working in other local markets and complete assignments with the Vodafone Foundation. We collect all of the learnings from our global real estate portfolio and leverage them in each individual project, and in that way everyone benefits. An ownership mentality is also a cornerstone of our reward programme and senior executives are expected to build up and maintain a significant holding in Vodafone shares. Downloads Download this section pdf, KB Download our full report pdf, 4. Living The Vodafone Way The Vodafone Way sets out a consistent way of working for all employees to deliver exceptional customer service see feature below.

Vodafone uses HireVue, an AI tool, to enhance the ease and efficiency of the acquisition process and for identifying the right skills and traits for the right role.

Over the last twelve months, over one million courses were taken online and we have begun to develop mobile learning options to enable our people to learn at the exact point of need. This enables employees to be digitally savvy and this helps them rethink how they do their work.

Employee engagement practices at vodafone

We do not tolerate unfair treatment or discrimination on any grounds. For more information, see our Annual Report. Building sales capabilities and equipping employees with the skills they need to deliver exceptional customer service is also an important focus.

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Informed by the views of over 15, employees, it creates a consistent way of showing people around the world what we stand for and helps to ensure we remain an employer of choice. For the latest Global People Survey results, see Performance.

Changes are communicated clearly to employees through team events and affected employees meet with their line managers and human resources teams.

the vodafone way
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