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The army commander, Pervez Musharraf, mounted a coup and sentenced Nawaz to death. Then, inprime minister Sharif — who lived in exile in the kingdom and has particularly close personal ties to the Gulf — stayed out of the Saudi war in Yemen.

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Defence ties have remained firm, with joint exercises and training, and in former Pakistani army chief Raheel Sharif was appointed to head the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terror Coalition.

Through media people and came to know such an important issue for Pakistan defense.

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We later learned that Major Jyotin Singh had tackled a suicide bomber, and by holding him from behind had prevented him entering the Park Residence. Narendra Modi and Donald Trump were all praises for each other during a meeting in Washington DC in June, Reuters Ever since, cross-border attacks have not been savage enough to prompt a major crisis, but have been sufficient to embarrass prime ministers making overtures to improve relations.

Here the walls were standing but it was open to the sky—the blast had completely removed the roof, which was lying in chunks all over the floor.

For the idea to work, it is essential that the Afghan government be a close ally of Pakistan, and willing to help fight India.

The date was September 9, Chinese diplomatic assistance during the Indo-Pakistan War offurther solidified the China-Pakistan relationships Kumar,

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Don't underestimate Pakistan's relationship with Iran