Field study 6 episode 1

I work to succeed.

fs 6 episode 1 the teacher as a person in society slideshare

I give up personal time for the group. I work to succeed. The reason is that I think those 12 attributes are what defines a holistically developed and capable teachers.

field study 6 episode 2

If you were to choose, which attributes should all teachers possess why? Second is our values.

Field study 6 episode 1

I work with a sense of urgency. I remain undisturbed under pressure. I am always willing to share. I am mentally alert. Buoyancy 6. Bilbao, Below are indicators of personal qualities which may describe you. Based on my experience, those affable with happy disposition teachers are better loved by students that those teachers who are very strict and seemingly unapproachable in aura.

The practices that i will do, that will reflect my Philosophy of Education will be: describe in sentences I am sure that my philosophies of education will change as I become more experienced in the teaching field, the philosophy that I agree with at the present time are essentialismprogressivismand social reconstructionism.

In other words, people get inspired as your actions touch their lives. Teachers remain undisturbed under the pressure in which despite of personal problems, they still teach and remain to be okay in the front of his class.

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My Affirmed Concepts After reflecting on this episode and recalling my previous subjects, I have realized that there are several concepts in the teaching profession about personal attributes I learned that has been affirmed and confirmed, examples of which are given below: 1. Why do you think some teachers are better loved by students than others?

I volunteer to do task for others.

Field study 6 episode 1-6 answers pdf

I treat everybody fairly. I help voluntarily. Why do you think some teachers are better loved by students than others? The highest attributes are compassion, pleasantness and reliability. In your observation , does an experienced teacher practice what they believe in philosophy of education in actual teaching? I analyze every situation. I give attention to details. Self motivation 8. Classroom arrangement Certain activities call for classroom arrangement. I create new things. I extend help to many others. I like to try out new things. I am calm in the midst of chaos. I like to try out new things.
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FS 6 episode 1