Harvard thesis binding

To do so, print out the word count on an otherwise blank piece of paper and include it as the last page in your thesis.

You may not pick up your binders on Thesis Day. Creative works, including artistic images, are afforded more protection under copyright, and depending on your use in light of the other factors, may be less likely to favor fair use; however, this does not preclude considerations of fair use for creative content altogether.

There is simply not enough time between CTP completion at the end of May and thesis director assignment by June 1.

harvard psychology dissertation

Theses that do not reach the minimum required length may fail to receive honors. Published, fact-based content favors fair use and includes scholarly analysis in published academic venues.

Thesis Links. Publishing Options Distribution of the Dissertation Students are given complete control over the accessibility of their work. Account for all pages. If you see " Embedded Subset " after all fonts, you have succeeded.

Original illustrations, photographs, and fine arts prints may be scanned and included, centered between the margins on a page with no text above or below. Can you use a thumbnail rather than a full-resolution image?

Count the title page as page i and the copyright page as page ii, but do not print page numbers on either page.

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Ph.D. Dissertation Submission