Interviewers guide to competency based interviews

Preparing for a competency-based interview First of all reread your CV The best way to identify what competencies the organisation is likely to require is to review the job description and discuss this further with your Consultant who will be able to advise you. How did you achieve this? Indeed, if an interviewer likes you, he may be more tempted to prompt you and push you along than if he has bad vibes about you.

The type of competencies against which you will be assessed also depends on the actual post and the company who is interviewing you. This question requires you to discuss your knowledge of the firm in detail and prove to your interviewer your desire for a job. How did you make decisions?

list of competency based interview questions

If you are currently unsure, it is perfectly acceptable to contact firm's graduate recruitment departments before applying to discuss anything you do not already know about the job.

Tell us about a time when you felt that conflict or differences were a positive driving force in your organisation. A typical competency question could be: "Describe two situations where you have had to work as part of a team.

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Learn to narrate the story using the STAR method. Tell us about a situation when you failed to communicate appropriately. Why did you do it and how did you handle it?

Competency based interview answers

How did you explain the nature of the problem? What is the biggest risk that you have taken? JobTestPrep has a range of material that can help you to learn more about and practice actual competency-based questions. Questions are likely to start with: "Please give me an example of when. Why did you do so? What makes you frustrated or impatient at work? What place does empathy play in your work? What big decision did you make recently. This prevents you from making costly mis-hires, as well as helps uncover hidden gems — candidates with unexpected backgrounds that have the skills to propel your business to the top. Tell us about a situation where conflict led to a negative outcome. In interviews, recruiters look for evidence of competencies by asking candidates competency based questions. The idea being that by looking at past experience a potential employer can predict future behaviour. When is that last time that you had an argument with a colleague?

What approaches or strategies did you use? The list is by no means complete but will give you an idea of what you can expect to be asked.

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