Invisible man character analysis

Finally, he successfully tries the formula on himself and thinks about all the things he could do if he were invisible. Nevertheless he has no compassion for the cat, for his father or for any of the people he takes advantage of in the course of trying to survive invisibility.

Kimbro The narrator's first boss at the Liberty Paints plant, Kimbro is called the "terrible" and "Colonel" by the employees. Sybil Chosen as the woman the narrator hopes to get information out of, Sybil does not know much of what her husband George thinks on Brotherhood matters.

invisible man narrator analysis

While studying, he stumbles across formulae that would make body tissues invisible. Then, Bunting and his wife hear some noises in their house after going to bed next evening.

He begins selling Sambo dolls on the street, seemingly both perpetrating and mocking the offensive stereotype of the lazy and servile slave that the dolls represent. Norton dangerous aspects of the school's environment, sending him to New York with letters to future employers.

Emerson's presumably homosexual son. Find out the summary of The Invisible Man in this article! His speech centers around the founder of the college and the greatness of his vision which he and Dr. She is an easy choice for the narrator because she was a lonely, misunderstood married woman who was often quite tipsy at Brotherhood functions.

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During the ride, he predicts the open yet innately hidden life the narrator will continue to lead in New York. As a result, he is symbolically often found in basements and finally ends up in a man-hole; he hides underground for awhile, hibernating in order to withdraw into himself, to find meaning in his invisibility, and to come up with his true identity.

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As a result of these incidents, the narrator was kicked out of school by Dr.

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Invisible Man: CHARACTER ANALYSIS by Ralph Ellison