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Even better, it could be a wormhole where the material and light being sucked in on the one side, funnel back out on the other side for both a pull and push.

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Its outer gas shell will swell up, engulfing the Earth by the time it reaches its peak size and brightness 7 billion years from now. Fearing that large parts of the city will collapse in the coming decades, Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB LKABthe state-owned company that runs the mine, has promised over a billion dollars to move the city of Kiruna and its citizens about two miles farther east in the coming decades.

In about 5 billion years, the Sun will begin evolving into a bloated red giant.

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The largest problem in moving a star, is something I would call orbit locking, in which you may succeed in bursts to pull the star away from its current transient position, only to release it into another locked orbit or zone due to other surrounding stars and planets in the vicinity.

At this point though it is all getting quite complicated, and you are at risk of leaving a device in an un-contactable state. The objects lie in a ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune called the Kuiper belt and in an even more distant shell of comets called the Oort cloud.

This happened in v2.

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If the gravity well of the wormhole is of sufficient magnitude, the star will move very quickly without having much matter pulled in. Using this mechanism, you could open and close the wormholes in bursts, to give the star inertia, and then you could use smaller wormholes in the reverse to slow the movement down as it moves closer to where you wish to move it — kind of like like applying brakes at a stop light, or using inverse thrusters on a rocket to land. Launching a rocket into space pushes the Earth a bit in the opposite direction, like the recoil from a gun. The mine was the reason Kiruna was formed, but now it's also the reason the city is moving. The objects lie in a ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune called the Kuiper belt and in an even more distant shell of comets called the Oort cloud. These devices will be with customers, not on a local network, although they have not gone out yet. In the late s, the town of Valdez, Alaska, was moved several miles inland when it was discovered the town was built on unstable ground following an earthquake and tsunami that wiped out the town's waterfront. Those in the areas of Kiruna nearest the mine will be moved first. The cities of Hill Village, New Hampshire, and Tallangatta, Australia, were moved due to the building or expansion of dam projects. But only for a while.

Luckily, the objects could be re-used if they looped around both Jupiter and the Earth, taking energy from the giant planet and transferring it to Earth. Any fusion that would occur, even at those temperatures and pressures, would be far offset by the momentum of the fuel as you throw it in.

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In real life, however, the Earth is so massive that a rocket would have little effect on its motion. For example, the town of Hibbing, Minnesota, was moved over two miles in to make way for an iron ore mine. Planetary orbits are shaped by the gravitational pulls of their neighbours, so moving the Earth would change the orbits of the other inner planets in unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways. The majority access the internet via NAT. Would I still need some sort of direct access to the devices or ssh into them? As the mine continues to expand , iron ore is now being removed from underneath the city's foundations. When the move is complete, LKAB plans to renovate abandoned areas of Kiruna into parks for recreation. These range from the gentle pull of gravity tugs — spacecraft that fly near the object and gravitationally pull them off course — to the stronger push of mass drivers , which dig into and spew out pieces of the icy body, pushing it in the opposite direction.

But only for a while. A few astronomers have tackled the problem of moving planets, but not for dealing with emergencies on human time scales.

Because of noise concerns raised by the residents, the airport agreed to buy the entire town and move its residents to a newly-built town called Heritage Creek over five miles away.

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