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The sample size may have been too small, segments of the population may have been underrepresented, or, as often happens, the number of respondents from a state may be too small for appropriate statistical inferences.

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Typically, practitioners provide job information through individual interviews and focus groups. Carlin, J. Jovellanos and Dr. Please go to www. Since the difficulty of the questions selected for a given administration differs from those of another administration, the passing score varies around the fixed concept of minimal competence to account for the differences in the examination questions. Cizek, G. Another area of concern may relate to the passing score workshop. Is there a finite set of answers considered correct in practical or oral examinations? Only a few items from a single item writer are likely to have been included in the examination and these more than likely would have been modified. Reliability and Validity A good licensing examination should be reliable and valid. What are the potential problems? Are key and distractors in multiple-choice items similar in type, concept and focus?

Bellezza, F. Beyond multiple-choice questions and essays: The need for a new way to assess clinical competence.

It is very difficult to support the concept that each of the tests measures such different parts of practice that each examination must be passed separately. Callanta, Chairman; Dr. Setting standards for multiple-choice items in clinical reasoning.

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Ebel, R. The passing score or "cut score" should be based on minimum competence criteria developed by practitioners. The selection of tasks becomes a problem because performance examinations require more time to administer than, for example, multiple choice examinations.

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Easy items are sometimes included, however, because the concept is important, and mastery of the concept needs to be demonstrated. Questionable items should be edited, revised, or removed. Academic examinations assess how well a person can define and comprehend terms and concepts. First, an item should not be either too easy or too difficult. California Department of Consumer Affairs. The consultant may be concerned about the manner in which the examination questions were developed. The effect of "none of these" on multiple-choice tests. Use of an inclusive option and the optimal number of options for multiple-choice items. Mariano LL. Thank you, again! Are there formal, standardized procedures in place to register candidates? However, our consultant has advised us that the examination does not meet the testing standards for our state. In our multiple-choice item writing workshops, we develop quite a few items that do not survive pre-testing based on item analysis results.

For example, respondents could be asked to rate the relative importance of job tasks and knowledge.

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