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Internally, Lenovo executives say they have created a new type of global enterprise that is network oriented, rather than hierarchy oriented. The net result is that Lenovo is expanding its lead in PCs globally, with a The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of WIPO concerning the legal status of any country, territory or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. We are ranked number four in global market share in the PC business. Amelio tried to impose the Dell way of operating the company. The deal made Lenovo the third largest PC maker in the world, and marked the first time that a Chinese company had taken over an American one. When it comes to how the two companies operate internationally, there was also a clear difference in how these two companies were characterized. Photo: Lenovo Lenovo has a rich pool of talent, employing around 33, people in over 60 countries serving customers in more than markets. Another factor lies in how Huawei expatriate employees are circulated in their overseas work. Yang wanted a brand that would allow him to charge higher prices. The company realigned and reorganized.

But for those software components like operating systems, the technology is not in the hands of the Chinese. The Lenovo way now is an alternative to the status of Lenovo right after the acquisition.

Chinese employees in India were also investigated for overstaying their work visas as well. Liu: If I happen to acquire one, I will tell you. The company made a decision to use English as the medium of communication in board meetings.

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No passwords are necessary. While it can certainly be debated how much each side should walk across the bridge in each situation, they must meet somewhere on the bridge. Lenovo technicians at work All photographs courtesy of Lenovo In the beginning, it was cultural and managerial chaos.

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The company won 55 awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a competition that it has dominated for the past three years.

These typically involve a combination of invention patents, utility models and industrial design rights. Both companies bring in a majority of their revenue from overseas business — 70 percent and 60 percent for Lenovo and Huawei, respectively.

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Aroundthe company finally began to click. However, when looking at the corporate cultures, worldviews, and globalization strategies of both firms, the two display striking differences. The majority of my respondents only agreed to speak off the record or on a condition that their identities not be revealed.

An argument that China can copy, or acquire, the Western management skills and technologies it needs. In addition to making changes in the business and organisation, the company needed to keep up with the best corporate governance practices in the global market. Some country scores were omitted due to insufficient sample sizes What is the cause for the differences in scores between developed and developing markets? Number two: Would employees continue to work for the new owner? Deliveries were often unacceptably late. Although some of this marketing may seem standard for a global consumer goods manufacturer, Lenovo was the first company from China to adopt such an approach—and to invest accordingly. Additionally, information was taken from anonymous online employer review forums such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Quora. Lenovo has received roughly 1, reviews, while Huawei has received around 3, Knowledge Wharton:What advice would you give a U. The first being that we were researchers: We knew nothing about how to run a business. Liu: The company in its initial stage faced a lot of challenges. But even despite these challenges, we became very successful: We competed against global brands, built confidence in Chinese companies and helped pave the way for our country to enter the World Trade Organization.
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How Lenovo Became The Largest PC Maker In The World