Market research of reliance fresh

Groceries: In this sector reliance fresh is promoting its private label as they are promoting their own brand and they do the packaging of the product and then labels it privately and then sells it at a premium as compared to the loose items.

Market research of reliance fresh

The future of the trajectory may not be as steep as it is now or may be even slope downward. Reliance launched the food and grocery app among its employees in April to prepare for the commercial launch later in the year.

Add more cosmetic products as its having a huge market of consumers attached to it.

Reliance retail case study

Each store will have an investment of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 60 lakh. Employees are there to make customer feel comfortable in product handling. Positioning: y Merchandise Management: The objective here is to identify the merchandise that customers want, and make it available at the right price, in the right place at the right time. Other type of promotion is the particular store oriented promotion which includes speaking on the loudspeaker in nearby blocks. There is an increasing need of better apparels, cars, mobile phones and consumer durables. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. But at that time we will have no other option but to procure our goods from one of these outlets, at whatever prices they demand from us. Indian government continues the hold on retail reforms for multi-brand stores. Communication to existing customers takes the form of sums and e- mails, generally sent to reliance one members. The reason behind this growth has been the synergy of many propellants. Reliance Mart will also house a health and wellness store providing pharmaceutical drugs and other wellness products. Reliance wants to build a high-profitability business and food is, perhaps, the best venture to start. The customer communication policy is less followed in small towns and cities and is more concentrated towards the metro cities. Organized retail of late has seen a tremendous boom and is attracting more people to the malls.

One noteworthy point here is that Japan in spite of being one of the most densely populated countries has fared poorly than India. Customization of clothing should be given an important consideration.

inventory management of reliance fresh

With competition in this segment increasing, differentiation and a strong value proposition assume significance. Reliance Mart will also provide easy and attractive finance options, including zero per cent financing for the purchases on select products. There are loyalty schemes which reward regular clients.

Incorporated inPantaloon Retail is among the pioneers in chain retailing.

reliance fresh business model

On each purchase of Rs. Venkitaramanan Prof. Behavior and commitments of sales man towards the dry outlets should be improved.

Reliance fresh competitive advantage

In , larger format convenience stores and supermarkets accounted for about 4 percent of the industry, and these were present only in large urban centers. Those who have paid the nominal fee of Rs. Japan - total annual sales for the Japanese retail industry for amounted to JPY , billion. It includes their profit maximization strategy and how to retain their customer and how to increase the no. These convince are not existed in the present Reliance retail stores. Display of product should be improved so that the product is easily visible to the consumers. Since its inception in , Reliance Fresh has grown into an organization that caters to millions of customers, thousands of farmers and vendors. They should try to identify needs and wants of their customers may not know they have. Add more cosmetic products as its having a huge market of consumers attached to it. In case of multi-brand retail, FDI is completely prohibited. More branded products can be displayed in the store as people still prefer branded clothes than offered by local vendors. Reliance should start free home delivery within a certain radius it will help in increasing sales. Feedback is in the form of feedback form in which there is follow up n reliance fresh tries and improve it Feedback is also done through personally asking the customer about their shopping experience in the store. It also ensures the transparency of trade and accountability of the trader and mandis towards the society. Include more trained sales person to help customers in the store while shopping.
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