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Although it is a regional brewer, it has superb name recognition.

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Even a small percentage of the biggest market had the potential to be valuable for MMBC. What is the current situation? By working diligently as it always has, to satisfy its new customer base, Mountain Man Light has a great potential to grow based on the reputation of the company as well as the growth in the market itself. The final assumption is that the Light Beer market growth rate is only 0. MMBC has also strategically positioned itself from a marketing perspective as a preferred alternative to large breweries due to its brand and business model. The legacy of the company is its main distinguishing trait from its competitors. This decision is based on financial projections of sustained profitability. The recipe for the lager was based on a refined family recipe and is known for its flavorful, bitter taste.

It is analyzed that the consumption age group of Lager MM is above 45 years and for MM light would be 25 to 45 and ratio between male and female is 4 to 1 in MM Lager and Lighter beer contain What is the current situation?

Given the current state of the beer industry, it is reasonable to project that the rate of sales decline will continue to accelerate in the future.

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Major strength of MMBC is its brand name but it threat is from competitors in the market which are already in growing phase. Currently, MM Lager has a 4-to-1 male-to-female ratio while the light beer category ratio is roughly 3-to Increased taxes and fees to manufacturers have been clearly evident in the rising retail costs of goods in the marketplace.

But the market trends and customers behaviors towards a specific product and their lifestyle demand the alteration in MMBC product line. Through this company maintain its successful family business status. Beer is very high in calories; for instance, as compared to wine or spirits and decreasing caloric intake has been one of those fairly recent health conscious changes being made.

It makes hard to compete in the competitive environment with a single line of a product among the competitors offering the number of product lines.

This will help in competing directly with the competitors having cheap and light caloric products which ultimately enhance the market share of MMBC.

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Mountain Man Brewing Company