Nivea for men ad campaign

Hence, the target audience will be able to spot our advertisement and we can convey the product message to them. Nivea aims to look good, interested in his own image and wants to portray himself well.

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At the end of two months, winners will be selected based on the popularity of their photo, and also how many people "liked" their photo. Being sinful or uncivilized is not what is up for question in this version of the advertisement- advancement is the name of the game.

Nivea advertisement model

As there are waiting time for both trains and buses, our audience may get bored of the wait and by looking around the vicinity, they will be exposed to our posters in their line of site. Under the Health and Products Act, companies or individuals who are looking to sell or provide and supply cosmetic products are required to inform Health Science Authority before selling the product to the local markets. They had to submit UGC videos of their team and stories about their padang. Instead of using the traditional tube type of facial wash, Nivea has come up with a new packaging, where the user has to press down the nozzle, similar to the typical hair and body wash bottle. This is more convenient for the consumers to apply the serum. These are the general areas that our target audience will be exposed to our campaigns. Our target audiences have the typical active lifestyles, where they are usually under the sun, engaging in outdoor activities and want to look good and refresh at the same time.

Our target audience years old are technology-savvy people, hence the use of social media will be very effective on them. Not only was it important for the ad to draw attention to the quality of the product in this way, but it also had to introduce the product range and drive consumers to Facebook to purchase a Nivea For Men gift.

Therefore, the cheaper alternatives were often the default choice for most men. The better you look, the more confident you feel. Magazines: First two weeks of every odd month Outdoor advertisements for Bus shelters: Every even month Advertisements on train doors: Every odd month 22 23 5.

This will help through the campaigns, especially through road shows and product sampling. The winners received cash prizes, products and the bragging rights as MYPadang champions.

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Media Strategy 4.

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Nivea for Men Case Study