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There are six scenes in groups of two, producing three "acts.

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Nevertheless, Steinbeck's novel easily translated to the stage, almost intact, because of his thoughtful craftsmanship. C also has a descent job compared to the others below him. Next, Lennie appears in the open doorway, waiting to be asked in. L is stuck at the bottom because he is mentally challenged. In between these scenes are brief setting descriptions of the bunkhouse and Crooks' room in the barn and the barn itself. Throughout Steinbeck's novel, there is so much foreshadowing that some critics feel he has over used the technique. Although L cannot help his disability he has no chance of moving up because of it. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. All of the characters in the novella can be put into a pyramid. For example, in the first scene by the river, Steinbeck begins with a "camera shot" of the entire scene so the reader can take in the mountains, the sun, the river, and all of nature in the vicinity. Some readers feel that Of Mice and Men is so balanced and thoughtful in structure that the novel is a work of art.

This advice is repeated several times in other scenes, including Lennie's thoughts in the barn and later at the pool while waiting for George. A final structural technique is the use of foreshadowing, or transitional connections or signals, to connect and make ideas more fluid.

John Steinbeck recreates the social structure during the great depression in his novella Of Mice and Men. Within each scene is a pattern of rising and falling action.

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He is discriminated against racially and also because he is handicapped. G cares a lot about L, but knows that if L is still around he is not going to move up in society.

At the end of the first scene the author does just the opposite. Steinbeck wants readers to draw their own conclusions about the characters and the themes from the action and words of the people, rather than from Steinbeck's opinions.

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