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A solution is hypertonic if its concentration of dissolved substances is greater than the concentration inside the cell. First thing that we noticed was that potato from cup that didnt had water at all had change his colour.

Water molecules are moving across the cell membrane at all times, and the when more water molecules are traveling in one direction than the other an osmotic situation occurs. Some possible sources of error in our experiment include missteps during setup and preparation for the experiment, inaccurately measuring the mass, or other factors.

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We also offer attractive discounts to our returning clients on a frequent basis. Pour in the needed salt with the help of scraper, then use glass stirrer to help dissolve the salt quicker 8.

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Water from root is going up to the leaves by the osmosis. Same scale and same water. Discussion According to our data, the relative isosmotic concentration of a potato tuber disk is around 0. Materials and Methods To begin our lab we gathered six potato tuber segments and used a razor blade to cut all of the segments, each approximately 4cm in length. Seventh, we could not achieve a complete transfer of measured materials salt, water , thus leading to loss of materials in slight quantity that causes slight difference in result. The cell membrane is similar to the membrane mentioned above, so the cell would lose water because of osmosis if it were placed in an environment in which water concentration is greater than that of the cell. From that, we see that potato from hypotonic solution had swollen, and one from hypertonic had shrunk. Thats the main reason of doing an experiment. All particles that pass through the plasma membrane by the process of diffusion do not require energy, so their movement is called passive transport.

Also, we investigated the effect of concentration gradient and temperature on the rate of osmosis in an artificial system. In our experiment water was very important, because of scale and chlorine we could have different reactions in experiment.

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After that we noticed that potato from cup which didnt have salt at all had swollen. The test tubes are then labeled accordingly, i.

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More water molecules occupy more space - volume - and push against the cell membrane and the proximate cellulose cell wall. Then the uncertainty errors that occurred during the usage of equipment. We had 5 situations. Overall the graph shows a negative linear relationship between percentage-weight-change over molar concentration, thus as percent weight change increases, molar concentrations decreases and vice versa; thus proving my hypothesis to be half correct. We didnt have to use more because, actually, we needed just hypotonic and hypertonic solutions. Make sure majority of the salt were dissolved, then simultaneously place the sliced potatoes into all six solutions for 20 minutes 9. By our hypothesis we are going to see that potatoes with hypotonic solution are going to swell, and in hypertonic theyre going to lose mass. We cut all of the strips in 4 cm.
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