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The second thing I will do will be the fullest and genuine attention to the poorest and the lowliest. Still, it is not enough.

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According to him, a child is a seer and a philosopher. Apart from being the prime minister of India, he is known across the world for his leadership skills. In the elections, the B. He was an authority on history and historical matters. Here, one can write about the designation of Narendra Modi and the important decisions by him in the present time for which he is in the news. Here, one can mention the important decisions he has taken in his tenure. The parents try their best that the child eats the best, wears the best and gets the best education they can afford. Any selfish motive on behalf of the Prime Minister can put the country into irreparable losses.

How he inclined towards the important organizations like RSS and the important role he played in supporting his father at his tea stall must be included in this. Likewise, he introduced new systems to combat floods and droughts in Gujarat that were internationally lauded.

People would not fight in the name of religion, caste or language. Shri Modi believes that transportation is an important means towards transformation. In the Caribbean, the prime minister….

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He loves everybody who loves him. In the and Parliamentary elections, Shri Modi led the Bharatiya Janata Party to record wins, securing absolute majority on both occasions. On 30th MayPM Modi fulfilled a major promise by creating a new Jal Shakti Ministry to cater to all aspects relating to water resources.

I would promote good friendly relations with the neighboring countries.

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Prime Ministers of India Essay Example