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Aphrodite Slim Aphrodite Slim is a classic thin font style combination that is focus in achieving autonomous expressiveness. Download Maryleen FY Pretty much everywhere: social media posts, bios, and comments—including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Quora—email, instant messsages, browser bookmarks, wifi networks, and lots more.

Fancy handwriting calligraphy

Download Adorn 3. Berimbau Berimbau is a playful type of font style focus in giving you a simple and clean cut letterforms. Ritts Cursive Ritts Cursive is a font style inspired from contemporary typefaces which offers bold and compact cursive font with sharp edges. Download Castro Script They're still used in computer terminals, and code editors, as they align each line of code. Download Ritts Cursive This fancy font is definitely the best font to express your greetings with swashes, beautiful alternates and ornaments.

Cantoni Cantoni is an artistic font with playful approach that looks very unique. Chopin Script Chopin Script is a very artistic and attractive fancy font style inspired from vintage hand-writing calligraphy.

Gemmadonati Gemmadonati is a modern and casual type of fancy font with personalize and authentic effect that adds more character to this font style. Later it was emulated on typewriters by overlaying the same character twice.

Especially when the letters don't join up. This fancy font is perfect for creating an eye-catching headlines with powerful legibility even on small sizes.

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