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Keeping It Real Applying real-word literacy practices, like Twitter chats and To-Do Lists, to in-class texts engages students and deepens understanding. This metacognitive exercise helps students see themselves as active participants in their own learning.

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If you were the author, would you have ended the story in a different way? Is there an RR that they have deliberately avoided?

Reading response 8

Give a brief summary of what your story might be like. Who tells the story? Do you have any unanswered questions about the story? Why or why not? What does this say about them as readers and thinkers? Going back to the idea that even talking about something is easier when using terminology that we are already familiar with, when hypertext documents came out we inherently called them pages. So in some cases it is completely okay to break from the normal structure of things. There are even certain requirements for the average book. How so? Postcard Home Most main characters embark on a journey of some kind; this archetypal plot pattern lends itself to a postcard home activity. As individual students speak up, the rest of us jump to their cited text and follow along.

With these questions, students must summarize, infer, evaluate, and predict—all in the voice of a character, which demonstrates a high level of comprehension with the story. What quality of which character strikes you as a good characteristic to develop within yourself over the years?

What does this say about them as readers and thinkers? What have you learned so far, about yourself or others? Write a Twitter Conversation Students love this!

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Character To-Do List We all have many things we want to accomplish in the near and far future, and characters are no different! Write at least four sentences.

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Write about what would happen if you brought one of your characters to school or home for a day. What will you do?

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Each is a legitimate form in its own right; each can be done with sophistication and deeper meaning. My handout gives them ideas about how to do this. Write a summary of what you read in your book today. On the front of their postcard, students should, of course, draw a picture. How does the author provide information or details to make the story seem realistic? Write to inform us about the author. Why do you think the author wrote this story?

How does the author help you feel that you are really there in both realistic stories and fantasy?

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