Singapore telecom industry porter s five forces

Nonetheless, from the price plans set by these firms, it is clear that they have chosen to co-operate rather than a cut-throat ideology. Promotions can also be offered based on their past purchases or redemptions, as well as their reviews and participation in the other tabs of SingTel Life, to better understand their needs.

Access Integration Application Pattern For access integration, the application pattern would be single sign-on as the primary business driver is a need for single sign-on across multiple applications, so that customers need to only login once while accessing the app, while not compromising on the security for the customers and enterprises.

The reward point expiry notification will also aid customers in spending their rewards points within the valid period and allow them to gain the most from the reward system. ISSN If either the merchant or user does not have the technological capabilities to effect the transaction, the user will have to rely on conventional payment methods.

SingTel Life differentiates SingTel from its competitors, and it is not easily replicable by its competitors.

Singapore telco market share 2018

In an era of extensive technological advancement, for competitors to match up to one another in terms of technology is said to be relatively easy. Keep your sanity at the mall with an internal positioning system IPS. In order for it to rise above its competitors and move to point Y, it has to make service innovations with its current technologies. SingTel Life differentiates SingTel from its competitors, and it is not easily replicable by its competitors. The bargaining power of consumers is high as the services provided by the three competing companies are minute and readily replaceable. The customer then utilises SingTel Life to search for restaurants in the vicinity. This has created a highly competitive nature where each player can only differentiate from one another with unique selling points. From the problems and challenges identified from SingTel's current situation, SingTel Life aims to deliver its service electronically while maintaining key interactions with its customers. The IPS is able to locate objects or people in the building, providing a more detailed and specific data that may prove itself useful to many users. Customer base in mobile market continues to grow Mobile phone penetration rate MPPR represents the total number of mobile subscriptions over the total population. The Customer Notification is considered a collaboration business pattern because it is a user-user pattern where data and information is shared. Since the bulk of their revenue comes from post-paid plans, we take the average of the different plans each Telco has to design the following grid diagram to show how these Telcos are seen to position themselves where the closer the strategic groups, the more intense the cross-group rivalry. The business functions - check red points, redeem red points, make purchases, search merchants are self-service business patterns while customer notification is a collaboration business pattern. In the Singapore telecom industry, there are! Likewise, the effectiveness of beacon technology is evaluated in reconciling these pain points.

Industry Dominant Economic Traits As technology accelerates faster than the replacement rate of mobile phones, consumers are shifting their demands and expectations to greater innovations.

This decline represents a saturated 3G market in Singapore that can be expected to continue as LTE service grows in the foreseeable future.

Singapore telco competition

Affiliated restaurants will be shown with a red circle at the side, with the cost of reward points for redemption of food vouchers Figure 4. As a result, they are likely to lose out in terms of brand identification. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: LOW Suppliers in the telecommunications industry provides only the tangible items such as alcatel phone or routers. Telecommunication in Singapore 1. This differs from the previous two Use Cases where the user actively makes use of SingTel Life to search for a merchant or restaurant. Hence, these two points represent a potential disruption to the service process. Hence, these business functions are bidirectional in information flow. Any telecommunication related regulations published by IDA will affect the operation of SingTel and vice versa. Merchants refer to the enterprises that are involved when purchases are made. Users can search by malls, location, brand names, category, check out latest promotions or new shops in shopping malls. SingTel Life brings the key features of these applications together as an exclusive service for SingTel customers while adopting technological innovation with beacons and indoor positioning system to improve its services. While showing significant growth over the past years, even surpassing many others in the Asia region, its small geographical landscape and population size has resulted in an oligopolistic market dominated by three players namely SingTel, StarHub and M1. ND helps users find the latest shopping deals, restaurant promotions, or movie showings. Managed collaboration is used as all users may not be online at the same time and users also share data like their preferred interests so SingTel can inform them about related upcoming promotions.

For users in the shopping mall, direction guidance will be available to the user as well to find the shortest path to the shop. Users can store their redeemed coupons and vouchers, credit cards for payment, or even their EZ-link for quick top-up via the application.

porters five forces
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