Social media evolution the egipcian revolution essay

Journalists from Al Masry El Youm, filmmakers, artists and citizens alike shared their experiences on filming the revolution.

how social media affected the egyptian revolution

So what do you do when your screams for help are left unnoticed for too long? The discussion centres around the apparently emancipatory role that social media websites such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook play in contemporary social movements and in facilitating dissent and uprising in repressive regimes.

egypt revolution 2016

Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Cairo, Egypt, I co-founded it with non-profit Egyptian media collective Mosireen [6] Mosireen means 'determined' in Arabic to offer a space to screen and view archival footage by various groups.

From the media tent, at the centre of the square, protesters continuously uploaded footage and testimonies, thus reaching out to the rest of the world for solidarity. The Tahrir Archives info graph I created along with this essay indexes essentially English sites and web pages.

egyptian revolution twitter

Cutting through the thickness of the air, the cotton candy man, true to form, was selling his pink cloud, tracing his way through the crowd.

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(PDF) Social Media Impact on Egyptian Revolution