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This study was carried out in accordance with the recommendations of Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board at University of Chicago. We may fail to retrieve memories because we do not access a stored memory i. It is nearly impossible to provide evidence for many of these historical abuse cases. Motivated forgetting is also defined as a form of conscious coping strategy. The participants are asked to remember all the words they studied. This interpretation would help explain why children with high math self-perceptions showed reduced growth as a function of math anxiety. This is also called false memory syndrome. For instance, studies using the think-no-think paradigm Anderson and Green, ; Anderson and Levy, demonstrate that individuals are capable of intentionally forgetting memories for words that were previously encoded.

These studies consistently indicate that attempting to forget a recent item engages prefrontal and parietal regions, suggesting that forgetting is effortful, consistent with behavioural findings [15,16,18]. This latter result is incompatible with the default mode network hypothesis, which predicts the opposite positive connectivity pattern between DLPFC and the medial temporal lobe MTL [20].

As stated earlier, students under threat can engage in a host of other defensive responses meant to reestablish their self-image Steele et al.

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Psychological Repression, an unconscious act The concept of psychological repression was first developed in Hundreds of studies conducted over the past 50 years reveal that humans can readily implement such forgetting instructions, demonstrating that motivation indeed shapes encoding.

Although there has been a recent interest in using a motivated forgetting framework to understand defensive adaptations in the social psychology literature Shu et al. When participants are told they are able to forget the first list, they remember less in this list and remember more in the second list.

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For instance, individuals whose positive domain identity is under threat will fail to encode threatening information Appel et al. The Applied Problems Form A was used in the fall and a parallel form containing different problems Form B was used in the spring. The think-no-think paradigm begins by requiring students to first learn a list of cue-target pairs e.

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The goal of treatment was to bring repressed memories, fears and thoughts back to the conscious level of awareness.

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Motivated Forgetting