The characteristics of the henrician reformation

No vice was too foul and no crime too black for the man whom Christendom acknowledged as the successor of St. Google Scholar 8. Download preview PDF. In a third aspect it was a moral revolt against the corruption which was born of the abuse of practices not in their original nature demoralising.

Moderate religious reform[ edit ]. Had Elizabeth died early as she nearly did infrom smallpoxEngland too might have plunged into the same religious civil war convulsing neighbouring lands on the Continent.

Because of political circumstances Henry was forced to reject papal supremacy while for the most part maintaining essential Catholic dogma; this is what most differentiates England from the rest of Europe where religious change was undertaken.

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If England became a Protestant country, it is argued, it did so largely at the behest of its rulers and against its better judgement. He was thus susceptible to whoever had his ear.

henry viii protestant reformation

Without such complete sovereignty, dissolving the religious houses would not have been possible.

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The Characteristics of the Henrician Reformation Essays