The evolution of the sea turtles biology essay

sea turtle lifespan

There are many factors that contribute to the threatened lives of sea turtles. This can take place every two to four years in maturity. The purpose of this contribution is to review the evolution of marine reptiles with emphasis on Mesozoic forms.

A third hypothesis suggests that turtles arose as anapsids—a lineage whose skull contained no openings temporal fenestrae in the side of the head.

sea turtle classification

The Anapsida is thought to have been ancestral to the Diapsida —a lineage of reptiles whose skull was characterized by two temporal fenestrae and would subsequently include all archosaurs as well as lizards and tuataras.

After a female turtle drags herself up the beach, she hollows out a pit with her back legs and deposits from fifty to two hundred eggs. These reptiles have the ability to do amazing things. Even so, dinosaurs never became sea dwellers except some birds birds are a part of dinosaurs.

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