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As the first thousand years of Buddhism in China ended, the legends of the Laughing Buddhacalled Budai or Pu-tai, emerged from Chinese folklore in the 10th century. Take the surname Zhong also written Chungfor example.

In Thailand, Chinese family names have been combined with local ones. The Qin family was the first family to unify China as a whole, after being the most powerful family during the Warring Period.

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For purposes of this article, though, we'll compare north and south China. Nowadays, there are well over 6 million people with the last name Zhong in mainland China alone, and it is the 54th most common Chinese surname.

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By the 4th century, there were almost 2, monasteries in the south. In the 2nd century, a few Buddhist monks -- notably Lokaksema, a monk from Gandharaand the Parthian monks An Shih-kao and An-hsuan -- began translating Buddhist sutras and commentaries from Sanskrit into Chinese.

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History of Buddhism in China: The First Thousand Years