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Google Scholar Sethi, S.

hong kong ethics

Google Scholar Ip, P. The Federal Trade Commission FTC regulates truth in advertisingand it expects marketers to make accurate statements in their advertising campaigns, back claims with scientific evidence whenever possible and be transparent about negative features.

Chak and J. Take caution -- relying on this unethical practice may result in more enemies than customers. Kim and H. Google Scholar Sims, R.

Rosemont, Jr.

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Donleavy, and M. Google Scholar Schlegelmilch, B. Rao and S. When customers perceive your marketing practices to be honest and genuine, they can begin to trust in your brand. Regardless, the experience has been ruined. Chan: , 'Headship and Leadership', in R. When they talk, it may be to more than just a few friends. Johnson and K. Mutual trust works to develop brand loyalty, which keeps customers coming back and motivates them to spread the word about your business. Snell and Neil C. Download preview PDF.

Hoffman, J. Deception in subtle ways is just as misleading. Google Scholar Raiborn, C. Tsai, C.

hong kong ethics

Whether it crosses the line to unethical practices depends on how marketers implement it. Kamm, R. McMahon and M.

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Unethical Marketing Destroys Customer Experience And Brand Reputation