Writing a personal statement for midwifery job

writing a personal statement for midwifery job

Whilst at college I also started to work part time as a care assistant in a local health centre and loved every minute of it. A personal statement should be a manifest of the reasons why you can be a potential midwife in future.

Aside from the lack of idea, there are those who are not fond of writing which can affect this part of their application. I dream to be a source of support for women throughout their antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods, delivering information and giving advice on family planning and conception, breastfeeding education and support.

Personal statement for nursing and midwifery

Don't forget to: Complete the form as fully as possible Use the NHS guidance for completing application forms Include your Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC registration number received around six weeks after you complete your course. Example Personal Profile Kind, professional and highly trained midwife with excellent communication skills. Have you said why you want the job? Why are you applying? I was struck by the professional competence of the midwife, her genuine attention to the needs of her patient at such a critical time and the skill with which she managed each stage of the labour and gave comfort and confidence to both mother and bystanders. Take full advantage of the professional services of expert writers, editors and proofreaders to maximize the success of your application to top midwifery programs and schools. My ambition is to be able to use my skills and training to help prepare women and their families for this major life event and ensure that they have every confidence in my ability to lead things to a successful conclusion. My experiences to date have developed me both personally and professionally and helped me to clarify my future career pathway. I have sought advice and spoken to many midwives, ranging from current students to senior practitioners, and visited those working in my local hospital frequently. At school I performed well academically and enjoyed sports, earning a number of awards for outstanding achievements. We recommend using this personal profile to promote your strengths, achievements and key skills. Application forms You will be asked to complete a number of sections providing your contact details, educational and work history as well as a section called supporting information.

My positive and friendly disposition means that I get on with all different types of people and put patients at ease which I think is key for this role. I also did about twenty different drafts because it just had to be perfect.

Successful midwifery personal statement examples

Here is our expert advice on what to include and how to present your skills and experience to create an excellent first impression. This was a great experience that gave me an insight into the realities of the job, as I began to see at first hand the theory and practice start to fit together and to really understand what I had learnt so far. If this is something that you are not familiar with it would be better if you hire our professional writing service to handle it for you. Communicating effectively with other midwives and medical team and providing regular updates on the status of patients. We have the best writers working for us all of whom are adept at building personal statements that are catered to you. This is your chance to share more information about you such as your talents, skills, and achievements that are not found in your resume. As a future midwife, I am committed to making those in my care feel comfortable around me as I would be a source of support for women and their families. This can also occur in a nursing context and needs to be dealt with in a caring and professional manner, while maintaining client confidentiality and observing the 6Cs of nursing — care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. With my skills and experience, I am confident that I would be an asset to your team. Demonstrate your knowledge of the position to show awareness of what the role demands.

It should give you some great pointers; passion, common sense and experience really come through here. Having achieved four Highers and five SCQF level 5 SQA qualifications by the end of S5, I have demonstrated my time-management skills and determination to succeed, a commitment I would show through my training at university.

I have worked as a volunteer helper at Mount Talbot National School in Roscommon, with many duties, such as guiding reading groups, organising pre-reading activities with infant classes, supervising art activities and play periods, as well as administrative tasks.

As a future midwife, I am committed to making those in my care feel comfortable around me as I would be a source of support for women and their families.

personal statement format

Whilst on the course I also gained a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, emotional, medical and legal viewpoints right through to the ethical aspects.

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